Bruington Operating, LLC was founded to provide quality oil and gas well operating services to individuals, oil and gas investors, and small independent oil companies.

With a collective skill set grounded deeply in the principles of Petroleum Engineering and the management of oil and gas properties in the southern United States, its principals formed this venture to not only capitalize on this experience, but also to provide a unique service to the petroleum industry.

The founders believe through the proper application of know-how and attention to detail, that there is an underserved market for small- to medium-scale well operating services available in the market today. In addition, the company boasts a unique differentiating characteristic: Contract operating services. The concept, although not a new one, allows Bruington Operating, LLC to require relatively little commitment from the operator when they are making one of their most important business decisions: Choosing someone to manage their oil and gas projects.

Bruington Operating, LLC thrives with this constant sense of accountability and uses it to provide the highest level of quality service when properly managing properties for its clients.

Bruington Operating LLC
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San Antonio, Texas 78217
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